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Direct Strike Lightning Protection

There are two accepted technologies when deciding on the right type of lightning protection for your application. Our primary system - Prevectron ESELC - is the most advanced of its type available in the world today.

LDU design all our lightning protection systems (LPS) to capture the lightning and provide a safe efficient path to Earth during a lightning event. Our objective is to install a safe conductive path; avoiding equipment damage at your facility with the inclusion of appropriate surge protection. We employ a number of industry leading methods, technology and equipment for lightning protection for your facility. Incorporated into our systems are:

    • Lightning Protection Systems for direct strike conditions
    • Lightning conductors
    • Down Conductor System
    • Earthing equipment and systems
    • Lightning protectors
    • Surge protectors
    • Uninterrupted power supply equipment
    • Power conditioners

    DSP Products

    By installing our systems and equipment, you will benefit from:

    • A certified system complying with all appropriate regulations and standards
    • Improved safety for personnel
    • Surge protection from lightning strikes
    • Reduction in costly repairs
    • No facility service down time
    • Less complaints from your customers

    Our work is to ensure your facility equipment will continue to operate during thunderstorms with a constant uninterrupted power supply.

    5 Step Installation Process

    The LDU team are dedicated to providing a turn key Lightning Protection System for all facilities, industries and applications. We use a 5 step process:

    Step 1 - Site Surveys

    Evaluating the effectiveness of lighting protection is quite difficult. This is why site surveys are important. Our team will:

    • Inspect your system using visual. mechanical and electrical testing techniques
    • Measure the effectiveness of current lightning protectors
    • Test site soil for earth impedance
    • Assessment of the facilities earthing equipment
    • Audit Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) or power conditioners

    Step 2 - Data Collection and Analysis

    After our site visit we collate and analyse all of the data. The data comes from:

    • Site testing
    • Geographical statistics of your facilities location
    • Observation of lightning activity in the region

    We provide you with a complete report and recommendations on your facility. Depending on facility, location and current systems in place, the report may contain:

    • Vulnerability level of your facility
    • Recommendations on improving your current system
    • Lists of lightning conductor or earthing equipment needed
    • Budgeting for the best LDU lightning protection system

    Step 3 - Designing Your Lightning Protection System

    From our site inspections, report and consultation our technical team will provide you with design solutions for your facility. We will include in the design detailed information on:

    • The system to be installed
    • Types of equipment (earthing equipment, power conditioners, surge protectors)
    • Project management

    We use the latest and most effective technology for the most efficient and affordable systems. Contact our LDU team for more information on our surge protectors, UPS and lightning conductors.

    Step 4 - Installing your System

    Your system will be installed by our highly qualified LDU services team with minimal disruption to your services. Our team have a combined experience of over 30 years in the installation of lightning protection technology. They have industry qualifications for:

    • Working at height
    • OH & S compliance
    • Installing systems complying with Australian standards/ international standards

    Step 5 - Commissioning and Maintaining Your System

    After testing and commissioning your system, we advise making a shrewd decision on a regular, cost effective preventative maintenance plan. We find that over a period of time electrical components in any electronic devices can become less efficient and over time possibly fail. Our LDU team can make regular 12 month inspections so your system stays at an optimum efficiency and reliability. Contact our friendly, reliable LDU team about our competitive priced comprehensive maintenance plans.