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LDU is a 100% owned Australian company with a strong reputation for supplying and installing the best high quality lightning protection systems across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia regions. At LDU, we provide turnkey solutions for all of your lightning protection and earthing projects.

Strapping or Faraday Cage Lightning Protection System

Known as the Conventional , Strapping or Faraday Cage System, this lightning protection system fully complies with the recommendations of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1768-2007.


LDU can design, supply, install and certify a system in full compliance with the standard. We also inspect, re-certify and maintain existing systems.


Aerial Termination Horizontal & Accessories

New Universal Air Rod Base

Copper Pancake Coil

Tinned Copper Pancake Coil - 25x3mm

Saddle - Black UV Resistant SPB253 - For securing 25x3mm flatbar.

Corner Clamp - Stainless Steel For 25x3mm flatbar.

Down Conductors & Accessories

Copper Pancake Coil

Stranded Copper Conductor - PVC

Standard 2 point disconnect link

Braid - Tinned Copper 25x3mm