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21st Century Lightning Detection

The StorMonitor Lightning Warning System. After 7 long years of development, Indelec has released the most advanced lightning detection and warning system available.

The Stormonitor withstands twice the maximum value required by the standard EN 61000-4-4, in regards to immunity to electromagnetic radiation. This means that the unit will not be influenced by any other static generating source other than lightning, making it extremely reliable without any nuisance triggering. The system is easily installed with the antenna being attached to a handrail or the roof gutter, indoors or outdoors.

Key Benefits include:

  • No Nuisance triggering.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Will only track approaching storms.
  • Gives up to 30 minutes advanced warning of an approaching storm.
  • Reliably detects approaching storm up to 15 KLM distance.
  • Can be used on any broadcasting site without interference.
  • Can activate any type of alarm as required.