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LDU is a 100% owned Australian company with a strong reputation for supplying and installing the best high quality lightning protection systems across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia regions. At LDU, we provide turnkey solutions for all of your lightning protection and earthing projects.

Our Products

LDU Quality Product Range

LDI is committed to supplying solutions of the highest quality to combat the catastrophic effects of lightning and over/undervoltages. Some of our product rage is designed and manufactured in Australia, while other products are sourced from credible manufacturers overseas. The product we is thoroughly tested to ensure it is of the highest quality and is covered by a very customer friendly warranty. We design and manufacture our own range of components for lightning protection systems to address the quality failings of product currently available on the Australian market. LDU can supply all of our products across all industries, for all applications at a competitive prices.


Direct Strike Lightning Protection Systems:

  • Prevectron 3 ESEAT system
  • Primer ESELR System
  • Conventional System


Earthing & Grounding Systems:

  • Lightning Protection Earths/Grounds
  • HV Power Ground
  • LV Power Ground
  • Grading Rings
  • Primary and Secondary Ground/Earth Rings
  • Static, Structural/Instrumentational/Technical Grounds/Grids
  • Communications/Computer Room Grounds/Grids
  • Equipotential Bonding
  • Associated Drilling for placement of Earth Rods
  • Exothermic Welding



Surge Protection:



Parallel Connected Surge Diverters

  • Medium Voltage
  • Low Voltage  -  MSB, DB


Series Connected Surge Filters

Low Voltage MSB, DB  from 8A single phase to 1600 Amps 3 phase.


Data & Comms Protectors:

  • Coaxial, RF, TV


Inspection and Maintenance SERVICES:

  • Existing System Inspection and Audit
  • Inspection to determine if your building has or requires a lightning protection system
  • Inspection of existing lightning protection system
  • Risk Assessment to determine if your new or existing building requires lightning protection
  • Inspection and testing of your earth system
  • Earth Test Reports


Where to Buy LDU Lightning Protection Products

We sell our wide range of LDU products Australia wide through an efficient network of distributors at state and regional level. We also have a number of general resellers stocking our lightning protectors, earthing equipment, power conditioners and uninterrupted power supply products. Contact our friendly LDU team for a list of our distributors in your location.


LDU Applications

With over 750 successfully complete projects in Australia, we have expertise across all industries, including:

  • Mining – LPS Infrastructure, facilities and conveyers
  • Energy - Earthing systems for turbines and facility structures
  • Oil & gas – Hazardous tanks and refinery structures
  • Construction – Lightning protectors for building structures and tower cranes
  • Water treatment – Pumping stations, dam structures
  • Telecommunication – Power protection for Facility, masts and telecom towers


Our Lightning protection systems have successfully been incorporated into a number of applications across all industries.


Facility structures

Having the best lightning conductors for capturing lightning on all facility structures is an essential first step in protecting your site. We use the best products, including Indelec industry leading Prevectron Early Streamer Emission air terminal . Using these lightning conductors and earthing equipment for grounding, gives the safest direct lightning path for facilities. One part of our complete solution is completing the LPS. We also incorporate power conditioners, surge protectors and uninterrupted power supplies for protecting internal devices vulnerable from indirect lightning.


Medical Equipment

The importance of having a constant uninterrupted power supply and power surge protectors for medical equipment is paramount for constant operation. We have the highest quality power conditioners, surge protectors and UPS equipment for giving Heath Services peace of mind during lightning strikes.


Data Protection

Protecting from the loss of data and damage to data storage facilities is becoming more important in our digital society. We offer a complete LPS for:

  • Data line protection
  • LAN/WAN protection
  • Signal Line protection
  • Telecommunication protection


We can supply some of the best UPS systems and power conditioner for data protection. There are a number of sectors depending on efficient protection against lightning strikes on large servers and facility structures such as banking/financial industry, government agencies, health authorities and emergency services.


Each of these authorities recognises data loss through power surges can have catastrophic consequences on their industry. We have the necessary surge protection devices, earthing equipment and power conditioners for protecting data in these industries.


Wind Turbines

There is an increase in using renewable energy for producing electricity; one method is using wind turbines. Wind turbines structural design and materials make excellent conductors. We use our specialist lightning conductors, surge protectors and earthing equipment for protecting against costly replacement of the turbine.


LDU Warranty Policy

We are confident our devices are reliable and robust for the harshest climates in Australia and surrounding international regions. In the unlikely case of any technology failure of your lightning protection devices, surge systems or UPS systems, we will replace the device in a professional and efficient manner; keeping your LPS working effectively.


Contact our LDU team for full information about our excellent product warranty details and procedure.


Contact LDU for the highest quality installation of lightning protectors, earthing systems and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS systems). Call the LDU team on 1800 458 775 for the most competitive prices in Australia.