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Lightning Rods - Lightning Protection - Prevectron ESELC System

Being the leader in the field of effective lightning rods and lightning protection, Indelec has spent over 40 years developing and testing both in the lab and under real life lightning conditions, a terminal with superior lightning capture capabilities. The Prevectron terminal is no ordinary lightning rod and collects the increasing ambient energy of the potential difference between the ground and the cloud base of the storm.

When this potential reaches a predetermined threshold, the cloud propergartes a downward leader. Upon detection of the propagation of this natural occuring downward leader, the terminal releases the stored energy producing charged ions at its tip. These ions are then attracted to the downward ledear, producing a upward streamer. Once this occurs, nature takes over and the natural attraction between the upward streamer  and the downward leaders occur.

The propergation of the upward streamer is tens of microseconds ahead of naturally occurring upward streamers. LDU has installed hundreds of these lightning protection systems in Australia and to date has not had a single recorded or witnessed failure of the terminal to intercept the downward leader producing the lightning stroke and conducting the eneergy safely to ground.

Prevectron Terminals

A lightning protection system utilising the prevectron terminal complies with 10 international national standards and is the most certified terminal in the world having just received the UL (United Laboratories) certification. The Prevectron ESEAT system is widely used in Australia and the south Pacific region and has over 120,000 successful installations world wide.

LDU can design, supply, install and certify a Prevectron system for your building or structure. We can even supply the system in a DIY kit form with installation instructions for the contractor who wishes to install the system themselves. However if this is the preferred installation method then LDU will certify the system to ensure the installation is of the highest quality.

Full range of Prevectrons offering protection radii from 43 meter to 107 meter (Level 4 - AS/NZS1768-2007). Most models are also available with a self testing version. These model are identified with a T attached to the end of the model number.

Prevectron 3 Model TS10

Prevectron TS2.10H Heritage Terminal

Prevectron 3 Model TS25

Prevectron TS2.25H Heritage Terminal

Prevectron 3 Model S40

Prevectron S3.40H Heritage Terminal

Prevectron S3.40T Self Testing Terminal

Prevectron 3 Model S50


Prevectron S4.50T Self Testing Terminal

Prevectron 3 Model S60

Prevectron S6.60T Self Testing Terminal

  • Download our Datasheet for the Prevectron 3
  • Download our Datasheet for the Prevectron 3 Model S40
  • Download our Datasheet for the Prevectron 3 Model S50
  • Download our Datasheet for the Prevectron 3 Model S60
  • Download our Datasheet for the Prevectron Self Test

PrimeR ESE Lightning Protection Terminal

Indelec are proud to announce the release of the new Primer ESE Lightning Protection Terminal manufactured by Protec Foundre of France. The Primer utilises our new tip variation technology which triggers an upward leader more effenciently as soon as the ambient electric field increases which is a sign of an impending lightning strike.

The Primer working princple is the electronically controlled variation of the tip shape allowing the rod to optimise the effiency be ensuring syncronisation with the natural phenomenon of lightning.

Download our Datasheet for the Primer

Primus ESERC Terminal

Lightning Flash Counter

There are 3 counters in this range from a basic counter to the most advanced counter availible today. These counters can be mounted onto the lightning protection system or included in our range of surge filters.

  • Download our Datasheet for the Advanced Lightning Flash Counter
  • Download our Datasheet for the Lightning Flash Counters

LFC Advanced P8014

LFC P8011b 2 Digit

LFC P8011 6 Digit

Accessories and Assembly Tools

Tool - Chain Locking Pliers

Research & Development

Since the mid 1970's, Indelec have been developing the Prevectron terminal. All of this laboratory and field real life testing has resulted in the current Prevectron 2 Millenium terminal. There were a number of predecessors and each time research identified a required change to enhance performance,

Indelec started development of then next generation of terminal. Over the years Indelec has conducted research at a number of locations referred to as lightning farms where they could summon lightning as required using their breakthrough Rocket Triggered Lightning Process. This process allowed Indelec to generate a lightning stroke near the test terminals which allowed the terminals to react and the research would continue.

Real Life in Field Testing

Over the last 40 years Indelec have conducted ongoing testing in their High Voltage Lab in France and in the last 30 years have been conducting real life testing under real lightning conditions at facilities in Floida, France, Brazil and Indonesia.

  • Camp Blanding Florida USA Testing Facility - 1993-1994
  • St Privat d"Allier France Testing Facility 1996
  • Cachoeira Paulista Brazil Testing Facility 1998-2010

In 1998 Indelec started testing the Prevectron terminal range in their purpose build facility Cachoeira Paulista in Brazil South America. This facility allowed Indelec to test the Prevectron under real life lightning conditions allowing for further research into the technology and system.

Nadachi Japan Testing Facility 1997-1999

A wind farm in Japan located on an escartment where wind was a constant was also a prime latch point for lightning. Indelec installed a Prevectron S6.60 terminal and the damage ceased. Indelec has had such a high instance of lightning on the site that they established a monitoring station to conduct research.

Indonesia Test Facility 2010-Present

This facility was established as its unique location allowed an unprecedented number of lightning days affording Indelec the opportuity to conduct ongoing research on a regular basis which can only be done when storm clouds are present. In this location Indelec can depend on a minimum of 200 days where conditions are ideal for research.

High Voltage Lab Testing

Successful Rocket Triggered Lighting Strike

Prevectron Terminal Capturing a Lightning Stroke 2

Terminal test Structure

Rocket Launch Pad and Terminal Test Structure

Prevectron Terminal Capturing a Lightning Stroke

Prevectron Terminal Protecting Wind Turbines in Japan