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Gatekeeper GKSD1-50 Surge Diverter

Item Code: GKSD150
Price:  $341.00

Gatekeeper GKSD1-50 Surge Diverter

Item Code: GKSD150
Price:  $341.00

´éČ If you are not sure if this product is compatible with the electrical system of your country, please contact us before purchasing. Gatekeeper is manufactured in Australia 

The Gatekeeper range manufactured by LDU Applied Technologies has been designed to provide high-energy surge protection for single and three phase power circuits. Being full 3 mode or 10mode devices, the diverters have been designed for mounting at either main power switchboards, major distribution boards or sub-boards and should be installed in front of any surge filters or UPS to maximise the protection offered to the load.

  • Low Let-through voltage

  • High surge current capabilities per phase

  • Internal fusing

  • Full status, power, individual segmental & thermal indication

  • Multiphasic Sinewave Tracking Technology (MSTT)

  • Full multimode protection

  •  Alarm contacts are a standard feature

  • 10 year manufacturers warranty

  • Full Metal Housing