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Power Protection

What is a Power Surge?

A power surge is a an extremely fast increase in voltage caused by natural phenomenon such as lightning or trees falling on power lines etc. These damaging surges can be catastrophic to electronics as the sudden increases in the voltage can take a components capacity to tolerate overvoltages beyond its extreme causing the component to self destruct.

Where do power surges come from?

Power surges have been around since creation. As the human race developed technology we entered into an era of discovering that surges did exist, however our technology was early in its development and could easily handle large surges so while we felt the power surges, they did no damage to our technology.

As we became more clever however, our technology evolved and as such the components we used became smaller and considerably more sensitive to these surges, thus we now see equipment being damaged due to the same surges that have existed since creation.

How do we protect ourselves from these power surges?

We are clever however so upon discovering these surges, we developed a means by which we could control them as well. What we developed was the surge protection device (SPD) commonly known as a surge diverter or surge filter.

Complete solutions to the damaging effects caused by lightning and overvoltages entering your structure on the power supply feeds. Solution for 240VAC, 415VAC and up to 2000VAC power feeds are available.

The Gatekeeper range of surge diverters are available in 50, 100, 150, 200 & 320KAmps capacity. All are DIN rail mounted and enclosed in a full metal jacket, and we have surge filters ranging from 10Amps to 1600 Amps per phase for both 240VAC and 415VAC supplies.

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