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UPS & Power Conditioning

Protecting your equipment with an uninterruptable power supply is an excellent way to keep your electronics in good working order in the case of a momentary power outage. When utility power is unavailable, a UPS is more reliable than a generator or separate source that cannot provide instant protection.

When a lightning storm threatens your main power source, a UPS in Australia is always a wise choice. Rather than lose precious information, your system will maintain power long enough to engage an alternative source or restore the main power to working order.

UPS Product Range

Carefully designed for a range of needs, LDU has a product to suit your requirements and offer total protection:

Rely on the Experts

For your most reliable UPS systems in Australia, contact LDU today. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have an appropriate system to meet almost any requirement. Invest in the safety of your equipment and data today.