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LDU is a 100% owned Australian company with a strong reputation for supplying and installing the best high quality lightning protection systems across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia regions. At LDU, we provide turnkey solutions for all of your lightning protection and earthing projects.

Intellegent Surge Protection

LAN Surge Protectors

The Gatekeeper GKLAN-UTP and GKLAN-POE range has been designed to provide high-energy surge protection for LAN/UTP applications. Being all mode devices, the protectors have been designed for mounting either in-line or in a network rack system.


  • The only TRUEFULLY TESTED CAT 6 SPD available today
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Full multimode and multistage protection
  • DIN rail mounted - GKLAN-UTP1 only
  • Long service life


In-Line Protector


The GKLAN-UTP1 is a single inline surge protector for RJ45 LAN applications


GKLAN-UTP1 Cat6 LAN Protector


Rack Mount CAT 5, 5e & 6 Surge Protector


The Gatekeeper GKLAN-UTP rack mount surge protector is available in 16, 24 or 48 port configurations



Gatekeeper GKLAN-UTP24 Rack Mount Surge Protector

Rack Mount POE Surge Protector


The Gatekeeper GKLAN-UTP POE rack mount protector is availabile in a 24 port configuration for 5, 12, 24 and 48 volt applications.

Gatekeeper GKLAN-UTP24-POE Rack Mount Surge Protector