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LDU is a 100% owned Australian company with a strong reputation for supplying and installing the best high quality lightning protection systems across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia regions. At LDU, we provide turnkey solutions for all of your lightning protection and earthing projects.



The VHS-K10 is a multistage protection module designed for the protection of digital telephone and data circuits against transient over-voltages caused by lightning, induced impulses and other voltage surges. Traditional shunt-connected gas filled arresters by themselves can no longer provide adequate or required protection for sensitive line cards or newer generation digital switching systems.

The VHS-K10 contains ten line protection circuits on a single PCB. Each circuit consists of a primary three terminal gas filled arrester followed by a secondary transient clamping circuit.

The gas arrester provides common mode protection by bypassing transient currents to ground. The arrester chosen has a fast impulse response compatible with the requirements of advanced high-speed data networks.


The VHS-K10 is earthed through two spring clips which connect to the KRONE LSA* frame. These

robust tabs provide excellent electrical contact with the frame.



The VHS-K10 is designed for installation into the Krone LSA-Plus Series 2* termination system. The VHS-K10 must be installed into disconnect blocks to allow the series impedance elements to be inserted in circuit.

Applications include the protection of telephone, data networks used for process control and automation. The VHS-K10 can be used to protect at the MDF, [T1] Public Exchange (PSTN), PBX, Key Telephone Systems (KTS), Pay phone, as well as data distribution systems, remote instrumentation, radio transmitters etc. Suitable for primary and basic rate ISDN, Broad band ADSL, E1/T1 and PCM applications. 


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Telephone Line Protector - TLPVHS-K10-72A